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When Elaisa and Chantal go to the stable, they find their horses are out for a bit of exercise. They decide to look at the stable and they are not happy. They find the stable attendant and push him into their horses' stall. They push him down on the ground because it hasn't been cleaned in days. They step on his face after walking in shit. They make their displeasure known.

When Jason Ninja goes to a new mistress, he thought his mind games would give him an edge but it doesn't. His games result in a harsh series of punishments. As soon as she gets her shoes off, she puts a rag over his face and smothers him. She binds him up and holds his nose and mouth closed as she tells him how worthless he is. He learns that he is no longer in control and that he will submit to her without a protest.

Sitting on his knees Princess Chanel's slave is covered in a black spandex mask with his nose out so he can smell her gorgeous shoes. She stuffs them in his face and makes him take a long whiff. The smell of her young feet turns him on

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