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Sexy young brunette Goddess Chloe tramples her male slave with her very pretty bare feet. She walks across his shirtless body with her sexy bare feet crushing the slave under neath. She shoves the soles of her bare feet in the saves mouth so he can lick the bottoms of her feet with his tongue. Her toenails are painted a hot red as she tramples and shoves her feet on him.

Mistress Demonia sits on her chair and beckons her slave. She insists that he licks the dirty soles of her high heeled boots clean with his tongue. Once her boots are finished, Demonia punishes her slave without mercy. She jumps on top of him with her high heeled boots, trampling his body with all her weight. She tramples his face, crushes his balls, and stands on his throat choking him.

This sexy dominatrix is Angela, who has a slave who loves feet. He wants to please his mistress in any way he can, letting her trample his face, first with her sexy socks, and then with her bare feet. This mistress forces him to smell her smelly sneakers, humiliating him as she laughs and taunts him for being such a weak loser. This is premium humiliation that shouldn't be missed!

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