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Watch Marinka's perfect legs and feet stretch and flex as she footsmothers her obedient footslave. He's bound and lying on the floor, forced to endure Marinka's abusive feet smothering his nose and mouth. She rub her bare feet all over his face in various positions, making sure he knows exactly who's in charge. His face turns red as she cuts off his breathing with her slender, beautiful feet.

Mistress Valeria is only 18 years old but you would not know it by the way she gets on top of her slave and completely controls him. She sits on his chest while he lays on the couch and she rubs her sock covered feet all over his face and smothers him with her sweaty socks while she watches tv. She makes him use his mouth to take off her stinky socks and forces him to lick her bare feet clean while she ignore him.

This lesbian dominatrix is as merciless as they come! She has no respect for her slave bitch, and she will show her how much she means to her by treating her like a slutty doormat! The sexy brunette femdom strips naked and makes her slave whore do the same. She laughs at her small tits, then smashes her sweaty feet all over her face and mouth! This pathetic slave girl can barely breathe!

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