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Mistress Yvonne is relaxing in bed, and nothing better to help her rest than having her female salve Aldia kss, lick and massage her feet while she humiliates her. This is German video, featuring a very hot mistress and her equally hot brunette slave.

This lesbian dominatrix is as merciless as they come! She has no respect for her slave bitch, and she will show her how much she means to her by treating her like a slutty doormat! The sexy brunette femdom strips naked and makes her slave whore do the same. She laughs at her small tits, then smashes her sweaty feet all over her face and mouth! This pathetic slave girl can barely breathe!

Katelyn is licking the bottoms of her best friends bare feet. They both just got back from the salon and she wants to test out what her toes taste like after her pedicure. she seductively puts each toe in her mouth and suck on them like they were hard cocks in front of her.

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