Foot Worship - Girls get their sexy feet licked - Page 17

Mistress Lea is very adventurous and she loves to be outside doing different things. One of the things she loves is to go on walks with her slave trailing behind her, because he is not worthy enough to walk side by side of her. She will make him clean off the bottom of her shoes and make her slave lick mud and whatever else is on them.

Noemi is a really fun and outgoing, but she also has a wild side to her that involves slaves. She invites one of her favorite loser slaves to help her with a problem involving sore feet. The slave will automatically show up and clean her feet. She is also in the mood for some foot worshiping and humiliation at the same time. She is so dominating.

She is a rare mistress that loves to get all dressed up and go walking outside in the mud, however when she does, she can really get dirty. She could care less, because getting muddy to her just means she must get her slave and have him clean off all the mud. She loves to watch him licking her boots clean and making sure they are fresh again.

Goddess Bianca loves slaves for only one reason, and that is for her gratification. She has always loved female slaves serving her, because she feels like they understand more about what they are doing and know how to make her feel good. She will have her female slave clean her feet with the slave's mouth and make sure that everything on her feet is clean when she is done.

A mistress thinks her slave is a total pathetic little loser, therefore she is going to treat him as such. She is going to give him some hardcore humiliation, but she will also call him names too. She thinks it's funny to make him feel weak, because after all he is just a stupid slave boy that deserves nothing. She and her friends love to humiliate him.

Sophia is a lady that is very fun and loving, but as a mistress she is so painful and dominating. She is going to do some things to her slaves that most would consider really mean and cruel. She is going to make her slave worship her feet no matter how dirty and gross they are from a long day in her office building working and walking all over.

Cassandra is a lady that loves to get her feet out of shoes and have fun with shoe worshiping, but she also loves barefeet worshiping too. She is going to call her favorite slave to come over, because she has some dirty socks that need sniffed and maybe even sucked on if that is what Cassandra wants her loser slave to do. She gets what she wants.

She is one of a kind when it comes to a mistress. She loves domination, but she also is great at making her female slaves do just as she says. This lovely mistress will force her female slave on the ground before her, because she is going to make her worship her dirty boots after a long day at her office. This slave will obey her commands.

These two sexy ladies have been faceslapping their loser slave all day long and now they are tired from their brutal punishment of their loser slave. Now they are tired and they want to relax and they decide that they want to make their loser slave clean their stinky and tired feet. These sexy mistresses then make their loser slave get on his knees and lick their bare feet and stocking covered feet clean.

Goddess Victoria is so excited to go to her favorite club but she hasn't been in a long time so she can't wait. Mistress Victoria walks in and they remembered her right off the bat she was so happy for this because she used to spend a lot of money here before. She is wearing here high heel leather tan boots as she tells the slave how and what she wants him to do to lick them clean.

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