Foot Worship - Girls get their sexy feet licked - Page 34

Sexy young brunette Goddess Chloe tramples her male slave with her very pretty bare feet. She walks across his shirtless body with her sexy bare feet crushing the slave under neath. She shoves the soles of her bare feet in the saves mouth so he can lick the bottoms of her feet with his tongue. Her toenails are painted a hot red as she tramples and shoves her feet on him.

Ebony goddess Mistress Esme makes her pathetic white man slave lick her sexy boots clean with just his tongue as she completely ignores him and texts away to her friend on the phone. She sits back on the leather couch and relaxes as the old man slave is down on his hands and knees making sure that Mistress Esme's black sexy boots are totally spotless and clean with his tongue.

Brunette goddess Lady Chantal tortures and abuses her slave stepping all over his nude body with her sexy black boots and making the useless slave lick and clean her boots with his pathetic tongue. She makes sure to get her boots as dirty as she can from walking outside and comes home to torture her male slave by having him lick them clean with just his useless little tongue.

Sexy blonde Mistress Kitty abuses her slave out in the middle of the woods as she gets her black boots dirty from the forest floor and makes her loser slave lick all of the dirt up from her muddy boots. The slave has to lick them clean and make sure that the boots are spotless. she then gags his mouth to help him to eat the mud from her boots.

Miss Kimmy and Miss Vikki are always looking for a new way to make fun of their slave. He is such a loser, so they love to do things that are super humiliating. Both of these babes are going to take their dirty feet and make the loser slave clean the bottom's of their feet. The slave will get quite the taste of dirty and other nasty things in his mouth.

Sharon is a very fun mistress, but she has the worst problem ever. Sharon's feet always stink, so her slave must get on the ground to help her with that problem. She will shove her dirty socks into his mouth, but she can't help but giggle at how stupid her slave looks. She is so amused by the look of her slave's face, because her feet smell so bad.

Slave Joschi is one heck of a slave, but when he is on the ground with six ladies waiting on him to clean their feet, he has his hands and mouth full of work to do. Slave Joschi has been well trained, so he knows he has to get to work fast, and make sure all the lovely ladies are getting their feet cleaned to their liking.

Lady Anna Solis knows how to have a good time, but when she has Princess Rachel join her, the two naughty ladies are going to totally humiliate a slave. The slave must open his mouth, and insert his feet and toes into both of the hot babe's mouths. This slave will feel like a total loser as he is humiliated and laughed at by the powerful duo.

Alex and Alexandra are two very hot babes with a love for making their slave's do humiliating things such as clean their dirty feet. These two do not care if their slave's don't like licking or even sucking their feet. The slaves have been instructed to do as they are told. A slave gets out of line, and Alex or Alexandra will really punish them with their feet.

Lady Katherin is a woman that enjoys being a mistress. When she decides that she wants something, she will get it and she will do what she wants to do. As soon as she can, Lady Kathrin ties her slave, puts tape over his mouth and lays him on the floor. She put her sock covered feet in his face and forces him to smell her stinky feet. When she gets done, she takes the socks off and cuts his breath off with her bare feet.

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