Foot Worship - Girls get their sexy feet licked - Page 28

Alena is getting pretty badly abused from her new mistress that is rumored to be really cruel and mean. She likes to worship a woman's feet and make them feel sexy, but she feels like she is getting brutalized really bad and she is also experiencing a great deal of painful humiliation from the mistress. Alena is wishing for a new mistress, because cleaning dirty feet is gross.

Goddess Sonia loves to have fun with her slaves. One of her slaves has been called because he needs to worship her dirty boots after she has been out after a long night at the club. She always thinks it's funny to see how many of her slaves will show up to see if they will get lucky because sometimes she is drunk from the club.

A slave never thought he would be his mistress's sweat remover from her dirty feet, but Goddess Victoria generally gets what she wants from her slaves. Even if the slave is a woman, Goddess Victoria will have her on the ground licking and cleaning her feet till they are done and free from sweat or dirt. Victoria always gets her way with slaves no matter what.

Jackie loves worshiping no matter what kind it might be. Therefore, when she has feet that need attention, she knows to call her slave. She will instruct her slave on the ground, because she needs him to open his mouth and get ready for a really dirty sock to enter his mouth. Jackie doesn't care how dirty her foot or sock is, the slave must clean them.

When this mistress invites her friend Mistress Amanda over for play time with a slave, it can mean quite a few things. One of them is to have her slave get on his knees, because he has some dirty boots that require cleaning. She is going to get her heels cleaned, and Amanda has some dirty boots that could use a good lick down from the pathetic slave.

Goddess Victoria is a mistress that sits for long periods of time at her desk. She can get really tired and even get cramps in her shoes, therefore it's time for her slave to help her out. She is going to have her female slave over, because she is needing a good foot worshiping session from a female slave. She will get just what she needs.

Cassandra is the kind of girl that loves to control everything. She is going to be a great time for a slave, because she is going to force him to clean and suck on her knee high socks. She loves to have ultra hot fun and make her slave go out of his comfort zone all the time. Cassandra is a wild time and she is great with slaves.

Goddess Victoria is a female slave that loves to have her pretty suede boots worshiped to the fullest extent. She is going to have her slave clean her boots, but she will also have her feet rubbed on and massaged, because she wants to feel relaxed once her slave is done with her feet. Goddess Victoria is a great mistress and enjoys using her slaves for their purpose.

Goddess Victoria is a pretty mistress, but she is also very stern and knows what she wants and expects at all times. She is going to have her pretty female slave do some hardcore worshiping that she might not be into, but it doesn't matter. Victoria gets what she wants, and today that will involve her bare feet and getting them worshiped to the fullest extent.

Mistress Lea is very adventurous and she loves to be outside doing different things. One of the things she loves is to go on walks with her slave trailing behind her, because he is not worthy enough to walk side by side of her. She will make him clean off the bottom of her shoes and make her slave lick mud and whatever else is on them.

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