Foot Worship - Girls get their sexy feet licked

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Selly had husbands who were also friends. They went out and they had the audacity to lie to their wives about where they were and what they were doing. But the wives found out and they had to punish the husbands for the lies. It was cruel as they humiliated them with dirty high heel boots. They trampled their husbands and also had them lick the soles of their heels.

Lady Shay needed to pass a message to this guy and she did it with her feet. She had made sure that she filed her feet and she used the dust to humiliate as well as degrade the guy. He was shocked at what she did to him and he tried to reason with her to stop it but she did not listen to him and instead made fun of him.

When this mistress wanted to try high heel trampling, she knew that she had to reserve it and try it on the person who pissed her off the most. That is why she chose to use it to dominate her landlord when he made some arbitrary change and did not consult her. The mistress enjoyed doing it and it was a lot of fun for her. She got him to understand that she did not like him to make arbitrary changes.

Mistress Van Licks and her friends lady BlackDiamoond and lady Lomi wanted to try foot worship. They chose to try it on this loser as they had nothing to lose by doing it. He was turned into a foot slave and he was forced to do what the mistress wanted. He was shocked and scared after what the mistresses did to him but they did not care about what he felt.

Mistress Dana wanted to take advantage of this guy and she did it by humiliating him without him knowing. She turned him into a foot slave and she had him lick her feet as well as her boots. In addition to that she also had the guy lick her socks before she was done with him. He loved it as he thought they were spending quality time together when in fact she was taking advantage of him.

Goddess Kira has a sexy pair of legs and she never misses an opportunity to show them off. She did that today and it was a lot of fun for her. Today she got a new admirer and while she loved being admired, she felt that she wanted to humiliate him a little and that is what she did to him using her foot worship fetish. He was made to lick her feet and her shoes.

Goddess Gabriella needed to clean her boots and she made sure that she used this slave as a rug. The mistress had him lie down and she made him lick the muddy soles of her boots clean. He was shocked at the extent to which she did what she had to do. He had never seen this side of her and he was scared of her so he did not say a word.

Mistress Tatjana wanted to turn her slave into a sole licker and she did it without thinking twice about it. The guy had to lick her feet and she did not care what he felt. The soles of her boots were very dirty but she made sure that he licked them clean before she let him go. Whenever he tried to stray or avoid doing it, she kicked him on the face.

Mistress Anni needed to torture this guy and degrade him which she did using her foot worship fetish. She did not care what he felt. All that she wanted was to make sure that she had the time of her life and that the guy learned his lesson in a way that he would never forget. The spectacled mistress even went ahead to record what she did to the guy.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed to get even with this guy and she felt that she had to do it with foot worship. She chose it because it was easier for her to execute and it would not make her get tired like the other methods. She did not bother to make her feet dirty as she knew that she had dirty shoes which would do what she wanted. That is how she used them to crush and trample this guy.

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