Foot Worship - Girls get their sexy feet licked - Page 38

Miss Dixie Comet's had a hard day. She keeps foot slaves just for these occaisions; after she gets home, she strips naked and lies down, ordering her foot slave to come worship her. He obeys, kissing and licking her feet while she relaxes. However, he starts to get ahead of himself. Miss Dixie Comet can't have headstrong slaves. While he sucks her toes, in rapture, she gives him a good kick to the face to remind him of his place.

This hot blonde babe is relaxing in her computer chair when she decides that her feet need some attention. She makes her loser foot slave comes into the room and that is when things really begin to get interesting. She makes him get down on his knees and begin foot worshipping her. She makes him lick all over the bottom of her sweaty socks and makes him smell her dirty shoes.

This foot slave is getting abused by these two sexy women. They are not going to show him any mercy when they decide to punish and humiliate him. They make him get down on his knees while they lie back on the bed. They are wearing some really dirty shoes and decide that they want them to be cleaned, so they make their foot slave lick their nasty shoes until they're clean.

This woman takes this foot slave for a walk outside and she treats him like a foot slave loser that he is. She makes him walk on his hands and knees in the mud like a pathetic loser. She gets her tennis shoes all dirty in the mud and she is none to happy about that. She decides it is time for this man to respect her wishes and lick her dirty shoes.

This hot blonde is sitting back relaxing on the computer when her pathetic slave walks into the room. This is her favorite foot slave, because he will do absolutely anything that she tells him to do. He gets down on his knees and he begins worshipping her bare feet with his tongue. He sucks all over the bottom of her sexy feet with his tongue while she has a smile on her face.

This hot woman pulls up in her car beside of this masked man and decides that he is going to be the loser foot slave that gets punished and humiliated. She decides that he is going to worship her sexy feet in her dirty high heels. He gets down on his knees and he takes her foot in his mouth and begins licking all the dirt off of her high heel shoes.

This hot brunette has her loser foot slave over and she is going to punish him all she likes. He is only around for her entertainment and he will do exactly as she says. She makes him get down on his knees and take off her black boots with sharp heels. After that, he begins to lick all over her bare feet and suck on her toes. After that, he rubs her feet.

This slave gets down on his knees because he knows his place. He knows that he is below his mistress and he will never be good enough for her. He feel like he is such a wimp compared to her, because he is. He lets her punish and humiliate him all she likes every single day. He gets down on his knees and begin smelling her dirty socks while she rubs them on his face.

This hot brunette mistress has an ass that any man would absolutely love to grab hold of. She has a beautiful round ass and you can see it very clearly through her black pants. Her slave was caught taking a look at her nice ass while he was going for a walk with her outdoors. That is when she decided that she was going to punish and humiliate him by making him lick her black boots.

This babe has been wearing her black high heels boots all day during a 12 hour shift and when she comes home she makes her slave pay for it as she forces him to lick the bottoms of her soles clean and will not let him stop until her boots are spotless. This mistress then makes him take off her boots and smell her warm sweaty socks and then kiss and worship her feet.

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