Foot Worship - Girls get their sexy feet licked - Page 31

It is so hot outside and Mistress Despina's socks are soaked in her sweat and dirt! Her slave must act as her cleaner. The hot brunette femdom takes over her hot shoes and makes him suck out all of the dirt and sweat. When she has gotten bored of him doing that then she sticks her feet in his face, and makes him lick all of the sweat and dirt from between her toes!

This lesbian dominatrix is as merciless as they come! She has no respect for her slave bitch, and she will show her how much she means to her by treating her like a slutty doormat! The sexy brunette femdom strips naked and makes her slave whore do the same. She laughs at her small tits, then smashes her sweaty feet all over her face and mouth! This pathetic slave girl can barely breathe!

Miss Katt's brutal punishments know no bounds! She calls in her foot worship slave to the place where her band practices. She removes her sweaty socks and clips her toenails, now this pathetic slave must eat them. After the first course of toenails, it is now time for the second course, which is her feet! He licks her toes, and deep throats her feet just like the disgusting foot worshiping slave that he is!

This gorgeous brunette goddess comes home from a long day from work and all she can think about is how much fun it is going to be to humiliate her pathetic slave! She gets home, and calls him over to her. She sticks her high heels in his face and tells him to lick them until they are spotless! There better not be any dirt left on the shoe or she will make him clean the whole house with his tongue!

Mistress Bianca has no remorse when she tortures her foot slaves! She makes her lowly slave get on the bed, and then sits on top of him. All she has on is some sexy lingerie and some black nylon stockings. This teasing femdom sticks her feet in his face and makes him lick her nylon stockings, while she shouts verbal abuse at the pathetic slave! This guy is such a loser!

These two cute femdoms are feeling evil today and need to humiliate something. They call in their lowly foot slave and order him to lay next to the couch. They tell him to take off his pants so they can laugh at his cock! After they are done laughing, they both shove their feet in his face, and make him take a big whiff! They have been in sweaty gym shoes all day, so the odor is terrible!

Mistress Kitty is so cruel! She takes her slave out to the woods and digs her high heeled boots in a pile a mud. Then she sticks her boot in her slave's face and commands that he licks them clean! This pathetic slave eats mouthfuls of dirt off of her boots! After he is done eating the mud, she gives him some dessert. Her spit! She shoots her saliva directly into his mouth and makes him swallow it!

Today sexy brunette femdom Angela is keeping her slave in her office for her personal use. She is feeling like she needs to punish him, so she calls him over to her. She puts her feet on her office desk and orders him to lick her shoes clean! Then she tells him to take them off, and to suck all of the sweat out of her nylon stockings! She does some business on the phone while her slave follows her every command.

Sitting back in her leather chair this young mistress lets her foot slave put on his mask while sniffing the bottoms of her heels and bare feet. She threatens him that if he doesn't do it right she will burn him with her cigarette and give him the ultimate humiliation of his life.

Katelyn is licking the bottoms of her best friends bare feet. They both just got back from the salon and she wants to test out what her toes taste like after her pedicure. she seductively puts each toe in her mouth and suck on them like they were hard cocks in front of her.

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